What we do?

Our services – Sports Science and Strength & Conditioning – provide world-class, expert support delivered by experienced staff with a PhD and strong expertise in Training with Elite Athletes.

  • [Box] The Sports Science Area give you a scientific, physiological assessment of your fitness, advice on nutrition for training and competition, and provide you with mental strategies to get the best from yourself in competition[/box] .
    Sport Science Lab has what you are looking for…
  • The Strength & Conditioning Area assist you with all aspects of your conditioning training, from improving specific aspects such as strength and power, through to general training, and conditioning to prevent or return from injury. That is a sport-specific service

Test your levels of performance “on-site” with Sport Science Lab.
Our Sport Physiologist and Scientists will help you set a baseline against which your progress can be measured.
Sport Science Lab  helps you to maximize your training, whatever your sport, level or goal.

Sport Science Lab offers a full range of tests, including muscle mass and body fat tests as well as VO2 max test to identify your optimum heart rate training zones, Power and Strength tests, Lactate tests, HRV Heart Rate VariabilityElectromiography and so-on.

The Laboratory goes where are you.

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